Joseph Pinzon

Circus Artist

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Joseph is a legend in the circus industry, notably for his distinctively innovative aerial vocabulary, as well as his production, creative, and coaching responsibilities for countless shows. His private lessons and artistic counseling have helped leading performers in the industry hone their skills and acts.

Detailed instruction in circus technique is offered for aerial silks, static trapeze, and dance trapeze for various skill levels. General technical classes are available for most other aerial disciplines, as well as certain ground acts. Included in each lesson are discipline-specific drills for conditioning and flexibility. 

Artistic guidance is also available for all circus disciplines. Dramatic themes, characterization, intent, context, movement quality, interpretation, and motivation will be explored. Also included is information pertaining to the circus industry, as well as suggestions on how to navigate a career path depending on the desired goal. 

Online artistic counseling is also available. Submitted videos of acts will be examined based on the artist's personal and professional objectives. Timecoded notes combined with a Skype conversation provide a worthwhile alternative to those unable to meet in person.

Pricing varies. Please contact Joseph for rates and locations.


TESTIMONIALS (all photos used with artists' permission)


Sasha Harrington - Straps in LOVE by Cirque du Soleil and Absinthe by Spiegelworld 


Joe has been an invaluable resource for me while developing both my solo and duo straps acts. He puts in the work to understand the artist’s own style and motivation to help create truly original and honest work. He is also very knowledgeable and up to date on the trends of the market and how to successfully sell yourself as an artist. Aside from his professional expertise, he is a very supportive and warm teacher.


Spencer Craig - Aerial Hoop in various productions for GOP Varieté in Germany and Roncalli Prize at Young Stage Festival

Joe has an experienced and analytical eye that translates into straight forward and coherent artistic advice and direction.


Erin Cyffka - Silks, Dance Trapeze, and Contortion in Nomadic Tempest by Caravan Stage Company

Joe is the epitome of a professional. He is both incredibly knowledgeable on every aspect of the circus industry and incredibly generous with that knowledge. He shows up and demands that you do the same - no walls, no excuses, no hiding behind who you think you are (or should be). Joe challenged me to step up and be more than I believed possible and to drop the limitations I put on myself. Joe's coaching and mentorship changed the course of my life and career, and I'm so, so grateful.


Thomas Mangin - Straps at the 39th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris

My experience with Joseph as an aerial coach was very inspiring. I quickly discovered his attention to detail and his taste for a job well done. He has a great understanding of circus culture and knows a lot about constructing numbers. His generosity and calm demeanor make him a professional and pleasant coach to work with. I highly recommend it for artistic advice of any kind.


Danica Gagnon-Plamondon - Swinging Trapeze in Crystal by Cirque du Soleil and Trapeze in Psy and Cuisine and Confessions by The 7 Fingers

Working with him was a lot of fun but also very constructive. He has a lot of knowledge about dance trapeze, and it was the perfect combination of giving me tips that he already knew but also pushing me to create my own style and find my own tricks. He is good at adapting to a person's style of working. He'll find what works with you and push you in that direction. He is very honest and really wants you to succeed and be good. Working with him felt really natural; it never gets boring!


Jeffrey Little - Straps in Absinthe by Spiegelworld

I've had many coaches over the years but working with Joe is like nothing else! His direct and honest approach allows his students the opportunity to explore themselves creatively all while under his genius guidance. If something isn't working, he's not afraid to let you know but always has great alternative.


All background photos by Ben Philippi.  Special thanks to Squarespace and Theodore Kenessey.